We provide a full range of investment banking and financial consulting services. Our team possesses the experience, resources, and the focus necessary to manage your strategic transactions. In delivering our services, we act and advise as if we are major stakeholders in your company, working alongside your management team, board of directors, and major investors.

We clearly define our engagements and structure them to align our compensation with your objectives. Fees for our services may be structured in a number of ways. Typically, fixed-fee arrangements are used for project work, and monthly retainers and success fees are used for significant transactions. We are flexible in structuring and pricing our engagements.

Corporate Development

Our Corporate Development Services are project-based solutions that address complex issues occurring infrequently in a company’s lifecycle. In today’s economic environment, most companies are operating with lean management teams. When a one-time corporate finance project needs attention it typically does not make sense to create a new full-time position or delay the project until someone can get to it. Outsourcing Corporate Development Services on an “as needed” basis is a cost-effective way to address a wide range of corporate finance needs in a timely fashion.

Examples of these types of projects include:

  • Project Finance
  • Financial Modeling
  • Forecasting and Budgeting
  • Business Plan Development
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Evaluation and Structuring Joint Ventures
  • Defining Criteria for Strategic Partners
  • Target Identification and Evaluation
  • Facility Expansion
  • Project Feasibility
  • Location Requirements
  • Economic Incentives
  • Custom Services
  • Project Specific Financial Analysis
  • Evaluation of Outsourcing Partnerships

Acquisitions & Divestitures

Acquisitions and divestitures are complex, time consuming corporate events. They should not be entertained without clear and defined objectives. However, management teams often approach such transactions without proper evaluation. Typically, time and resources are consumed in the process which should have been spent on current business operations. Or worse, an ill-advised transaction is completed. Mistakes in the acquisitions and divestitures arena are expensive. As experienced advisors, we can help you plan, structure, execute and integrate transactions and avoid the pitfalls often associated with failed deals.

Our methodology and processes are time tested and proven. After helping define your objectives, we design a comprehensive plan to achieve stated goals. We make sure you are aware of the intricacies of the sale or acquisition process before entering into a contemplated transaction. While it is important to work intently with you in the process; we handle much of the “heavy lifting” to allow you to remain focused on current business operations. As the desired plan unfolds, we leverage our industry resources and deal-making expertise to effectively manage and close the transaction. Afterwards, we will assist with integration plans or help you monitor post-closing sale terms.

Whether you are interested in harvesting the value of your company, joining forces with another company or are looking to grow through a single transaction or series of transactions, we have your solution.

Buy-Side Services

Acquisitions often provide a company with the critical mass necessary to compete effectively in today’s challenging business environment. Few businesses, however, have the internal resources available to manage the time intensive process of identifying, evaluating, and negotiating with strategic targets.

Our Buy-side Services include:

  • Organization Assessment for Developing Growth and/or Exit Strategies
  • Development and Documentation of Chosen Acquisition Strategies
  • Sourcing and Evaluation of Targets
  • Contact and Initiation of Confidential Discussions with Targets
  • Valuation
  • Negotiation and Structuring Transactions
  • Target Integration and Performance Measurement

Sell-Side Services

Selling a business or operating division provides shareholders an “exit” and return of invested capital. Most management teams are experienced operators but lack significant sell-side transaction experience. Defining an exit strategy and executing an effective process is critical for a successful sale. Negotiating pricing, structure and transaction terms are best addressed with the help of an experienced advisor. By effectively managing each point of the transaction process, shareholder value is maximized.

Our Sell-side Services include:

  • Valuation/Pricing
  • Identification of Strategic and Financial Buyers
  • Management of Confidential Information
  • Qualification of Potential Acquirers
  • Development of Management Presentations
  • Development of Confidential Descriptive Memorandum
  • Deal Structure and Negotiation
  • Management of Due Diligence and Closing Process

Capital Sourcing

Our Capital Sourcing Services focus on the efficient navigation of the private capital markets. We start by assessing your company’s optimal capital structure and then we develop a concise work plan to secure appropriate financing. Our extensive network of contacts includes start-up, late stage and growth equity, senior and subordinated debt, and mezzanine debt groups, allowing for quick identification of suitable capital providers.

We provide Capital Sourcing Services for various types of transactions:

  • Growth Financing
  • Acquisition Financing
  • Recapitalization
  • Restructuring
  • Management Buyouts and Leveraged Buyouts
  • Funding ESOPs
  • Bridge Financing

Our capital sourcing process is thorough and effective. By simultaneously accessing all appropriate sources of private capital, we create a competitive environment that results in favorable terms for you.

Our Capital Sourcing Services include:

  • Identifying the Appropriate Type(s) of Capital
  • Assembling Historical Financial Information
  • Developing Financial Projections
  • Developing a Confidential Descriptive Memorandum
  • Selecting Appropriate Capital Providers
  • Marketing the Transaction
  • Participating in Management Presentations
  • Negotiating the Terms and Structure of the Transaction

Corporate Readiness

Mid-range and long-range planning activities are necessary for companies to capitalize on significant corporate opportunities. Often management teams are focused on day-to-day activities and lack the resources to devote the appropriate level of time to this type of planning. As a result, growth and exit opportunities may be missed.

We provide a broad range of Corporate Readiness Services — helping you stay ahead of the game when significant corporate events emerge. Our professional relationships, coupled with our solid understanding of transactions, industries, and strategies, help us deliver consistent quality advice and service. This, in turn, gives you the ability to anticipate and execute corporate events with confidence.

Our Transaction Readiness Services include:

  • Acquirer Analysis
  • Identify and Monitor Potential Strategic and Financial Buyers
  • Develop Relationships with Key M&A Personnel of Potential Buyers
  • Track Progress Toward Achievement of Financial Objectives
  • Due Diligence Preparation
  • Analyze Financial Reporting Capabilities
  • Organize Financial and Corporate Records
  • Strategic Positioning
  • Assess Optimal Positioning to Maximize Value
  • Create Plan to Achieve Optimal Positioning
  • Financial Roadmap
  • Develop Detailed Financial Model
  • Maintain Confidentiality